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Matthijs van de Vathorst

First production of Thinking Cleaner 500/600 series is sold out! New campain now on Kickstarter for Roomba 500, 600, 700 and 800 series!

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Thinking Cleaner news october 2014

Matthijs van de Vathorst
Whats going on ?
Like we explained before the electronics and firmware is actually ready and produced. Our struggle had to do with the creation of the faceplate to mount the electronics nicely on the Roomba.
So let’s be brutally honest! The company we trusted for production has a very great track record in producing electronics, they fairly recently also started the production of plastics. We trusted them to also build our plastics because they did a great job on electronics but we should have been more careful in the selection process here. The lack of experience showed in the end of the tooling process by a mould needed for the plastic production that had too many defects so we had to start all over again. We lost months of very valuable time and gained a lot of frustration. We were certain that we could fix the problems and to better guide the unexperienced team we hired a very experienced consultant that really helped us. Although we trusted the steps in our process and guidance we were very uncertain on the timing of anything. After so many disappointments we stopped guessing the time needed for the next step and didn’t dare to suggest any timing to you.
Last week we tested our new production mould with great succes! As always we need to tweak some details but these are normal little tweaks and nothing compared with our disastrous first mould. 
So now you know what’s going on, let’s look forward to the shipping of the product, still scared a bit on committing detailed timing, we expect to ship within weeks, not months ! 

Thinking Cleaner news march 2014

Matthijs van de Vathorst

Good news, the electronics production has started. We already have a few of the first production boards to do some final tests on and all is working as expected. We now have to wait for the plastic faceplate production. This has taken more time then expected, so we will have a small delivery delay. 

So if all goes well we will be able to ship the first units to our pre-order customers at the end of march.

Thinking Bits will announce Thinking Cleaner today!

Matthijs van de Vathorst

THANK YOU for backing us in our quest to connect the Roomba vacuum cleaner to the internet.

We learned a lot from all of you and some of the ideas are really implemented, others might follow later and some might never make it.

Tonight Joep Elderman CTO Industrial Design from Thinking Bits will announce Thinking Cleaner in an interview in OMT-Live with the Dutch technology website One More Thing (OMT).
We took the best vacuum robot in the world and made it even better thanks to you.
In the Internet of Things your robot vacuum cleaner should be connected. The populair Roomba vacuum cleaner wasn’t so we created an add-on to wirelessly connect your existing Roomba to the Internet, make it smarter and aware of it’s owner.
Thinking Cleaner is embedded in the faceplate, simply by replacing the existing faceplate with the Thinking Cleaner faceplate you essentially add a whole lot of technology and connectivity to your Roomba.    

As you might know, Thinking Cleaner adds Wifi to your Roomba, so you can control it from everywhere in the world, and get notifications about it’s status. Even simple things like remote control, are much more advanced then the standard IR remote control. You can control it by using the build in web-app from almost any device or by using the free iPhone® or Android® apps. Easy schedule setup, even on Roomba's sold without scheduler. Up to 4 schedules per day!
Using the iPhone® or Android® apps you can even start or stop the cleaning based on location, so when you leave your house your Roomba starts cleaning. Multiple Thinking Cleaners are supported by the iPhone and Android app’s, so you can see and control them all from one dashboard. And if you can't find it just push a button and Roomba will sing a song for you so you can easily find it. With an available and documented application programming interface (API) easy to link to home automation systems are possible, so you can expect populair plugins soon or build them yourself. 
The hard and software is build for flexibility with over the air firmware updates so ready for future enhancements and features.
Thinking Cleaner is so much more than just a serial connection, it changes the way you interact with your Roomba.

Thinking Cleaner will be available in March 2014 for MSRP of € 99,= excluding shipping cost. 
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We are proud to tell you that the Thinking Cleaner is almost ready. It is going to be a great upgrade for your Roomba. It took us a bit longer then expected to start production of our Thinking Cleaner unit, but it is going to be worth the wait.
A Dutch company has started producing the units. The most time needed is for the new faceplate. Molds have to be made and unfortunately this takes time. We expect to get the first production samples in february. Final production will start soon after that.

Thinking Cleaner EMC measurementsCE and FCC approvals

All the official EMC tests for CE and FCC have been done now and we have passed them all.

Here is a picture of a Roomba with our Thinking Cleaner attached in the faceplate in a special measurement chamber at the test institute.

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The electronics board is now in the final stage and ready for manufacturing. This board is now fully integrated into the faceplate, so no longer a separate unit to install. Simply replace the old faceplate with a Thinking Cleaner faceplate and you're done.

new Thinking Cleaner designnew Thinking Cleaner design

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THANK YOU! You've told us how much you like Thinking Cleaner and how it could make a difference in your homes. It rocks, we all agree. In just a short time since the announcement, we have seen a vocal community of Thinking Cleaner lovers that's given us lots of invaluable feedback. And we are listening, again

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Thinking Cleaner banner

Maak uw Roomba slimmer en socialer

Neem de beste robotstofzuiger in de wereld en maak hem nog beter! Thinking Cleaner is een intelligente accessoire voor uw Roomba die hem slimmer en toegankelijker maakt. 

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